Ghost Baby Fitness



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    • 2-27-21 - A high energy playlist of songs about dancing (with yourself, with someone who loves you, on the ceiling, etc) paired with extra shoulder and hamstring work.
    • 2-22-21 - A quick 30 minute full body workout to an assortment of songs featuring rad sax solos. 
    • 2-20-21 - Channel your inner David Lee Roth to burn out your inner thighs with this rad hair metal playlist!
    • 2-18-2021 - Work out all three major seat muscles while sneaking in some oblique work to an all Motown playlist.
    • 2-13-2021 - A special Galentine's Day celebration of friendship, both in the playlist and muscle groups that compliment each other.
    • 2-9-2021 - Focusing on extensions with a playlist of mid 2000s indie/alt jams - don't forget your white belt and asymmetrical haircut!
    • 2-6-2021 - A playlist of some of my favorite songs + gluteus medius & oblique focus