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S  E  P  T  E  M  B  E  R

🍑 SEPTEMBER 25 - Take a stroll down memory lane with this playlist of pop music from the late 2000s and early 2010s in today's gluteus medius & hamstring focused class.

🍑 SEPTEMBER 23 - Back on the sax solo horse again today for this high energy, 45 minute rodeo.

🍑 SEPTEMBER 21 - Harness the raw power of earth, wind, fire, and water for this elemental class.

🍑 SEPTEMBER 18 - Far be it from me to tell you what to do or what to don't; maybe this playlist will have answers for you.

🍑 SEPTEMBER 16 - Let the nostalgia of these late 90s hip hop and R&B jams wash over you today as we work the outer corners of your seat and obliques.

🍑 SEPTEMBER 14 - Make tonight last forever as we work on extending and lengthening muscles with this night themed playlist. 

🍑 SEPTEMBER 11 - Enjoy an overarching theme of togetherness both in playlist and in exercises.

🍑 SEPTEMBER 9 - Summon your inner (thigh) strength for this intense class, much as the artists on this playlist did to branch off into careers as solo artists.  

🍑 SEPTEMBER 7 - I wanna rock and roll all night (45 minutes) and party (standing pretzel) every day (maybe three times a week)!!

🍑 SEPTEMBER 4 - It's Virgo season, baby! A full hour London Method class plus all your favorite Virgos, including Shania Twain! Judas Priest! Elvis Costello! 2Chainz?? 

🍑 SEPTEMBER 2 - A 45 minute class in which we pair compound movements and explore the orchestral sounds of disco in honor of our lord and savior Barry Gibb's birthday.

A   U   G   U   S   T

🍑 AUGUST 31 - A wild and loose 45 minute class with another Ghost Baby Funfetti playlist, featuring inner thigh work and two David Lee Roth songs.

🍑 AUGUST 28 - Boldly go where no one has gone before in this full hour class as we explore new muscles, set to a galactic, space themed playlist.

🍑 AUGUST 26 - Get ready to shout at the devil as your thighs burn like the fires of hell in this satanic carnival.

🍑 AUGUST 17 - Toast your buns to a soundtrack of 80s new wave, synth-heavy jams! 

🍑 AUGUST 14 - Today we ponder life's eternal questions - should I stay or should I go? What's love got to do with it? How will I know when this ab set will be over???

🍑 AUGUST 12 - Hot Girl Summer continues with this playlist about notorious women - Sherri, Roxanne, Gloria, and Sheena are all here to help motivate you through Hello Sailor and an intense ab set. 

🍑 AUGUST 10 - Summer rages onward, as does this class's seemingly never ending thigh set! Drown it out with a summery playlist about summer, sunshine, heat, and a little Cursed as a treat.

🍑 AUGUST 7 - Anything goes in this class featuring an 80s grab bag playlist!

J   U   L   Y

🍑 JULY 29 - It's Leo season! Feel the burn of this fiery season in your hamstrings and gluteus medius and enjoy this playlist of all your (my) fave Leos.

🍑 JULY 27 - A class of (questionably) iconic duos, both in this playlist of duets and the combination of standing seat & arabesque.

🍑 JULY 24 - In which we enjoy a Ghost Baby style "funfetti" playlist of whatever I felt like listening to, mixed with a full hour The London Method class, sure to awaken abdominal muscles you did not even know you had!

🍑 JULY 22 - Lean into Olympic Fever with this playlist all about running, jumping, kicking, and other athletic motions, while we do our best in our small, isolated barre movements.

🍑 JULY 20 - Shake your groove thing to this all out 70s playlist with a class that focuses on your inner thighs and outer seat!

🍑 JULY 17 - Come on and SLAM, and welcome to the (Space) Jam!!!!!! In the immortal words of the Quad City DJs, "work that body, work that body, make sure you don't hurt nobody!"

🍑 JULY 15 -  A shockingly fun class with a playlist of songs about electricity to help harness your inner power. 

🍑 JULY 13 - It's all fun and games until the third set of thigh work. 

🍑 JULY 10 - Join me for a full hour hamstring & transverse ab focused class, set to your favorite 70s, 80s, and 90s movie theme songs. You know what, Ray Parker Jr? Bustin' makes me feel good too!!!!

🍑 JULY 8 - Whether you prefer NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, or 98 degrees, leg lifts, Hello Sailor or shoulder walks, this full body workout with a millennium boy band soundtrack has it all! 

🍑 JULY 6 - Bending and stretching our way through Cancer Season, plus a little extra outer seat and inner thigh.

🍑 JULY 3 - I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell! And a full The London Method class!! 

🍑 JULY 1 - A collection of songs that spell things out help motivate you through this 45 minute thigh & hamstring focused class.

J   U   N   E

🍑 JUNE 24 - Enjoy this summery, sunny class in which we do an exercise called Half a Banana while Bananarama plays.

🍑 JUNE 22 - Get into this 50 minute, thigh & abs intense class with a playlist full of iconic songs from 80s & 90s movies - say no more, mon amour!

🍑 JUNE 19 - Focus on stretching one side of your body while working the other while simultaneously singing along to a playlist of 80s covers of 60s hits. Just firing on all cylinders at all times, it's great, I promise.

🍑 JUNE 17 90's jams provide the soundtrack for today's inner thigh and outer seat fiesta!

🍑 JUNE 15 - Lean into the heat of summer with a playlist about things being too hot as your thighs, gluteus medius and transverse abs feel the burn!

🍑 JUNE 12 - Inner thighs and transverse abs are the focus of today's class, paired with a playlist of songs from the mid 2000s and 2010s where there are just too many people featured on each one, and then to Pitbull shows up. TOO MANY COOKS!!

🍑 JUNE 10 - A well rounded, full body workout with a well rounded, multi-genre, somewhat all over the place playlist. Rick James! Shania Twain! Bon Jovi! Right Said Fred??? Anything goes, come on in, the water is warm!!

🍑 JUNE 8 - A high energy, anything goes class combined with playlist of truly cursed songs - workout mixes, techno interpretations, mash ups, and songs that nobody asked for. 

🍑 JUNE 5 - Barre is often small, controlled movements, so today we work a little larger and looser, pairing explosive movements with an explosive, dare I say bomb-ass playlist.

🍑 JUNE 3 - A super funky soundtrack helps get us through this 45 minute class featuring crowd faves (standing pretzel) and most hated (elephants) exercises.

🍑 JUNE 1 - Gemini Season is upon us! Geminis are known to have two different personalities they show to the world, so let us work two different sides of the body at a time to this playlist of all Gemini artists!

M   A   Y

🍑 MAY 29 - A veritable bouquet of a playlist about flowers, roses, and gardens helps keep your mind off the only other thought you're capable of having during this 45 minute class, which is "why does my butt hurt so bad??"

🍑 MAY 27 - A colorful playlist of songs combined with movements that explore every square inch of your glutes, thighs, and waist muscles, including ones you didn't even know you had.

🍑 MAY 25 - A little jaunt through the disco genre combined with sandwiching big movements between small ones.

🍑 MAY 22 - Enjoy the calming sounds of sax solos in these 80s rock and roll songs as we power through a full body 50 minute workout.

🍑 MAY 20 - Let this butt-focused playlist inspire you to work deeper into your glutes, as we focus on all the major muscle groups in your seat and try some new ab exercises together!

🍑 MAY 18 - Look deep inside yourself to find your strongest bad bitch energy as we fire up your quads to this playlist of the most legendary Bad Girls and Nasty Women.

🍑 MAY 15 - Travel back in time for this mid 2000s indie/alternative dance party while we focus on strengthening the transverse abs, hamstrings, inner thighs, and the vastus medalis. 

🍑 MAY 13 - You ARE Jodi Sawyer in this full commitment to the Teen Dance Movie theme! Get ready to do the full warm up from the jazz class to "Candy" and be the star of Cooper Neilson's ballet as we focus on your turnout muscles and inner thighs for this fun class. Low-key dance cosplay not required, but can add to the enjoyment!

🍑 MAY 11 - Get hyped up with some new moves and new (old) (jock) jams! 

🍑 MAY 8 - Work on finding your full range of motion while incorporating exercises that lengthen, extend, and stretch, set to a playlist of bops from 2008 - 2012. Much like the music of the first Obama administration, this class will leave you radiating with optimism.

🍑 MAY 6 - Explore many different genres of metal (old, nü, hair, etc) as you focus on working the front and back sides of your body. Did you know scientists have proven that your hamstrings get the best workout when you're powered by Judas Priest? It's me, I'm the scientist.

🍑 MAY 4 Taurus is a grounded Earth sign, and what's more grounded than pretzel? Become one with the earth and let this playlist of all Taurus artists challenge you to focus on strength and stability!

🍑 MAY 1 - It's a wild time exploring all the muscles in your thighs and glutes today. And your abs. And your deltoids. I mean okay, fine, all of it, why not.

A  P  R  I  L

🍑 APRIL 29 - Work on strengthening your inner thighs, outer seat, and obliques with this playlist of songs about dancing, boogieing, shaking, and otherwise getting down. Bonus Feature: stay for a few minutes at the end to do the Cha Cha Slide if you want!

🍑 APRIL 27 - An "Erika Special" playlist; that is to say, a veritable confetti blast of some of my favorite songs to work out to combined with some favorite exercises. Rhomboids! Arabesque! Diamond thigh for Diamond Dave! What's not to love??

🍑 APRIL 22 - Celebrate Earth Day with a playlist of songs and artists referencing locations around the world as we simultaneously take a 360 tour of all of the muscles in your butt!

🍑 APRIL 20 - Join me in the first Tuesday night live class to work on our Night Moves. Since we all want "tonight" to last forever, this class emphasizes extension and lengthening of the muscles!

🍑 APRIL 17 - Let this playlist about harnessing your mental and physical strength motivate you through this upbeat and challenging class! If Cher tells you that you're strong enough, you better believe her!

🍑 APRIL 15 - It's Aries Season, so let's celebrate with this playlist of fiery artists and a class that will leave your inner thighs and outer seat burning!

🍑 APRIL 10 - Focus on working primarily in parallel today to work your quads, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, transverse abs and lower abdominals in this high energy class featuring fantastic soundtrack of Ladies of the 80s. 

🍑 APRIL 8 - A playlist of duets and duos inspires movements working two muscle groups at a time; also we learn that I am more of an MC Skat Kat than a Paula Abdul, apologies in advance. 

🍑 APRIL 3 - It's World Party Day so we are celebrating with an inner thigh fiesta and a playlist all about partying hard. Andrew WK says that partying is anything you enjoy doing, so this class absolutely qualifies!

🍑 APRIL 1 - A La Sebesque and leg lifts are joined by this April fools' day playlist of songs about fools, fooling, being fooled, and general foolishness.

M  A  R  C  H

🍑 MARCH 28 - Hark, a bonus class!! A playlist of artists who found success in solo careers pairs nicely with a focus on working in parallel to strengthen your quads, hamstrings, and transverse abs! 

🍑 MARCH 27 - Find the common thread between the exercises and songs in this fun 50 minute workout!! 

🍑 MARCH 25 - Just a good, balanced, full body workout with a multi genre late 1990s playlist. 

🍑 MARCH 20 - Hark, a new seat exercise to toast your buns!! Enjoy this one hit wonders from mostly the 80s playlist as we try it out together!

🍑 MARCH 18 - Y'ALL READY FOR THIS??? Hamstring focus and a 90s Jock Jams playlist straight from the ESPN compact disc your gym teacher had in 1997, LET'S DO IT!!!

🍑 MARCH 13 - A class featuring two very polarizing things: Pretzel and Disco.

🍑 MARCH 11 - Try to forget about how intensely you're feeling your glutes and obliques with a playlist of nostalgic songs from 90s movies. The catch: it's only movies I've seen and I've seen no movies, so the SNL sketch-turned-movie genre is extremely over-represented!! It's fun!!!

🍑 MARCH 6 - Get hyped up to work your gluteus medius & obliques with some late 80s and early 90s hip hop!

🍑 MARCH 4 - It's a boy band fiesta as you work your inner thighs and hamstrings!! You'll need a towel folded into thirds for some extra squeezing in this class. 

🍑 MARCH 1 - Enjoy a geographically themed playlist of songs and artists referencing cities, states and countries as we take a 360 tour of your thighs and seat!

    F  E  B  R  U  A  R  Y

    🍑 FEBRUARY 27 - A high energy playlist of songs about dancing (with yourself, with someone who loves you, on the ceiling, etc) paired with extra shoulder and hamstring work.

    🍑 FEBRUARY 22 - A quick 30 minute full body workout to an assortment of songs featuring rad sax solos. 

    🍑 FEBRUARY 20 - Channel your inner David Lee Roth to burn out your inner thighs with this rad hair metal playlist!

    🍑 FEBRUARY 18 - Work out all three major seat muscles while sneaking in some oblique work to an all Motown playlist.

    🍑 FEBRUARY 13 - A special Galentine's Day celebration of friendship, both in the playlist and muscle groups that compliment each other.

    🍑 FEBRUARY 9 - Focusing on extensions with a playlist of mid 2000s indie/alt jams - don't forget your white belt and asymmetrical haircut!

    🍑 FEBRUARY 6 - A playlist of some of my favorite songs + gluteus medius & oblique focus 

      VENMO   🍑    PAYPAL