Welcome to Ghost Baby Fitness!


A little about me: I'm a barre instructor with certifications from The London Method, IBBFA, and Bar Method with an extensive background in classical ballet. I've been taking barre classes for about 4 years, and in 2019 decided to become an instructor myself. In March 2020 when the pandemic had everyone quarantined, I began teaching virtual classes and building a community with the intent of leaving class each day feeling better than we did when we started.

My classes are designed for all levels and offer modifications for every exercise. Classes are a safe space for all bodies and abilities, free of toxic diet culture and body shaming. You can choose to have your camera on and say hi, or you can keep your camera off and just enjoy the work out!

Music is a huge motivator for me, so each class has a unique playlist - the top 40 hits of today set to a club beat just is not for me. Playlists are often themed, ranging from broad genres like disco, hair metal, or jock jams, to more specific "90s rom com movie soundtracks" or "80s songs with sax solos." It's fun, I promise!

My goal is to get you to feel good moving your body and maybe make you laugh a little while you do it. If you're interested in joining live zoom classes or taking from recordings, check out the links below get started!! Classes are currently donation based and the recommended donation is $8 per class. 

See you in class soon!!! 

xo Ghost Baby (Erika)

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